Lee Lap Pong
Behavioural Specialist
LocationCity Hall
Current WorkSenior Trainer
Past WorkTraining and Development
Specialist InBehavioural Reading
Experience21 years in training


Lap Pong has more than a decade of experience working in fast moving business environments that require inter-cultural collaboration between departments, empowering him with the unique understanding of business operations, specifically the training functions. Major in Real Estate and armed with a wealth of experience in the investment industry, Lap Pong began his journey as a trainer as early as his schools days and continued to hone his skill sets through his subsequent industrial endeavours. As he last served as a Vice President, Training before joining Lusi Group, he had the privilege of managing Training & Development Departments across Asia offices, which involved design and development of product and sales and development strategies for induction of new sales consultants. A Combat Engineer Army Officer who specialized in military explosives in his National Service days, he will excite you with his mind-blowing training methodology!