Current WorkFounder of Pinnacle Minds
Specialist InMemory


Founder & Chief Trainer at Pinnacle Minds. • Held World Record for Longest Colour Sequence Memorised. Memorised 160 Colours in 5 minutes 20 seconds. • Held Singapore Book of Records for Longest Colour Sequence Memorised. • Represented Singapore in the 2011 World Memory Olympics Championships.Memorised 480 Random Numbers in 60 Minutes, Memorised 450 Binary Digits in 30 Minutes, Memorised 51 Names & Faces in 15 minutes, Memorised 98 Random Words in 15 minutes, Memorised 176 Abstract Images in 15 minutes. • Have taught over 30,000 People Memory Improvement Worldwide Since 2011. • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment Certified 2013. • Entrepreneurship Skills led Pinnacle Minds to be Voted Most Promising SME of 2013. • Voted Top 10 Young Entrepreneurial Lions of Singapore in 2014. • Story Featured in Singapore’s SG50 Book in 2015. • Appeared in Various Media Outlets & Publications: Men’s Health, Shin Min Daily News, CNN, The Business Times, Singapore Book Of Records Publication, Small Medium Business Association Publication, Singapore’ SG 50 Official Book 2015