TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 29, 2015 - Oct 30, 2015
Time9:00AM - 5:30PM (Daily)
PlaceMandarin Orchard Singapore 333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867
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How to push all right buttons when dealing with people and create a positive interpersonal encounter every time.


What is needed today to really be really successful ? Intelligence and IQ is not enough to succeed in today’s world. Why ? When we deal with people, we are dealing not with just their minds but also their feelings. Why is it some people know just what to say, when to say it and how to say it ? Why do we grativitate towards dealing with people whom make us feel good, whom motivate us whom make us better and make us want to strive for excellence ? Studies have shown that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership. This course delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical skills you need to ensure the emotional requirements of a strong, emotionally intelligent leader. You will learn how to apply emotional intelligence to gain the authority and success you strive for as a leader or manager.

The skills of emotional intelligence allow you to understand yourself and others. They allow you to develop, motivate and build trusting relationships with your staff and/or customers. We have all heard the adage which states “We are hired for our ability, but we get fired for our attitude” Emotionally Intelligent people are skilled in inter-acting and relating to others. They have mastered their emotions and manage them in a positive, pro-active manner to build meaningful relationships with others.


Almost all executives and managers are initially assessed and recruited on the strength of their CV’s which are effectively a statement of what they have achieved academically and by inference a reference to their IQ. However that which makes us human is not so much our capacity to think and reason, important though these are, but our capacity and ability to engage and interact with people in both agreeable and disagreeable situations. Emotionally Intelligent people have acquired the skills and abilities to not only read and understand others, but to engage empathetically in an honest, firm and constructive manner.

An increasing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of using emotional intelligence in their management philosophy. The skills of emotional intelligence allow you to understand yourself and others, develop, motivate and build trusting relationships with your staff and/or customers. Emotional intelligence also brings out the best in others, resulting in positive emotions, initiative and innovation, improved performance and corporate success.



  • Understand the real meaning of Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover and understand your Emotional Drivers
  • Understand the concept of coloured brain and how information is processed
  • Understand how to apply brain colour communication
  • Manage and motivate staff for better performance and organisational effectiveness using Emotional Intelligence and by understanding Emotional Drivers
  • Develop skills that are essential to build successful interpersonal and professional relationships
  • Assess and guide staff involved in problematic working relationships using EQ competencies



  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (What is IQ & What is EQ?)
  • The Five Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
    (Self awareness)
  • Brain Colour & Emotional Drivers – Understanding how your brain processes information, how others processes information and what pushes your buttons and what pushes other people’s buttons (Self regulation)
  • Understanding to how to motivate yourself and control your emotions (Motivation)
  • Understanding What and Why you or others are motivated (Empathy)
  • Understanding how another is feeling and the right response (Social skill)
  • Understanding the skill required to get along, to be liked, and to be able to influence people
  • Understanding why EQ is essential today for a person’s personal and corporate success.


Who should attend

Business professionals (leaders and managers) and anyone whose job requires to apply understanding, teamwork, communication and working effectively with people.



Thank you for sharing this excellent tool, on EQ ! I have read many books, attended several courses (what a waste of time!) and none beats this course – YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!. Excellent job! Two thumbs up and hats off! This is an excellent life skills workshop. Everyone should attend to add value to their relationships, both at home and at work!

Teoh Ai Nee, IT Support Manager, CH2M HILL Singapore Pte Ltd

Leslie! your class is inspirational. I feel I appreciate life more than ever, Actively control my brain GPS keeps me stay focus, get the important items done and more importantly at the end of the day I know that I am moving towards the direction I want to be.

Wong Wei Yee, Test Associate Engineer, Global Configuration Services

I must say you are the most unique, inspirational and powerful speaker/trainer I have ever seen/interacted with. Your inspiring story, content delivery style and sharing your knowledge unreservedly really made a huge impact on me and influenced me to excel, be better both in work and life from that moment onwards. I wish you to continue to be at your best , enjoy what you are doing now and be even more successful Thank you.

Markoz Koay, Program Manager, Global Transformation PMO

“Too Beautifully Done – EQ Work Shop – Thank you Leslie! Lively Case Studies and Superb Stories, I Really Loved It”

Student, Singapore Polytechnic

Leslie was truly an edutainer and always able to keep our attention!I really love ‘The Choudhury Mind Maze’ and how this game summarized the entire class & also the closing with the music was amazing!

Executive, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

You are Blessed with a Good & Powerful Voice. Thank you very much for all the laughter, really appreciate learning in this way. You are the best Guru ever!

Senior Executive, CPF Board




  • ​​Please arrive promptly around 8:45AM for the registration.
  • Kindly let me know whether you need complimentary parking coupons​.
  • Walking distance from ​Somerset / Orchard MRT station, refer to the map.
  • Morning & afternoon coffee & tea breaks, ​Triple Three​ ​International ​Buffet Lunch​ ( Lobby level 5)​​, let me know if you have special request.
  • Delegates are advised to bring along a jacket / cardigan in case the room gets too cold.