InstructorDavid Goldwich
TypeOnsite Course
DateSep 1, 2016 - Sep 2, 2016
Time9:00AM - 5:00PM
PlaceMandarin Orchard Hotel, 333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867
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Workshop Synopsis:

The purpose of most business presentations is not merely to inform – it is to win support for your ideas, to get buy-in for your proposals, to persuade.


In this high-impact, two-day workshop, you will learn how to size up a demanding business audience and answer the two critical questions: What do they want? and Why should they listen to me? You will learn the secrets of developing rapport and connecting with your audience. You will also learn how to craft a clear and compelling message and deliver it with impact. You will learn how to use slides, flip charts, props, and other media to move your audience to action. Finally, you will work with a checklist to make certain that you take advantage of every golden opportunity.


A business presentation is not a beauty contest; it’s about persuasion. While we will pay some attention to delivery style and how to manage adverse conditions, we will emphasize essential techniques of conveying key points powerfully and persuasively. You will have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation and hone your persuasion skills.


WARNING: This is not a typical presentation skills course. The focus is on substance, persuasiveness, and impact. We will not waste your time trying to teach you how to articulate, breathe or speak the Queen’s English in two days. We will debunk a lot of conventional wisdom about business presentations and give you the tools you need to be a commanding, compelling, and persuasive presenter. You should expect to be challenged, provoked, and to encounter unconventional ideas.



Who should attend:

Managers, department heads, sales professionals, team leaders, C-level executives, lawyers, government officials, lecturers, trainers, and others who wish to improve their speaking, persuasion, and presenting skills.



Workshop Outline:


  • Presentation Myths – Busted
  • What is a Presentation? (It’s not what you think….)
  • Characteristics of a Kickass Presenter


Your Delivery: How to Own the Room

  • PAVE the Way to Success
  • First Impressions
  • Overcoming Stage Fright
  • Connecting with Your Audience
  • Developing a Commanding Presence with Your Voice and Nonverbals
  • Are You a Butterfly or an Eagle? The Problem with Your Hands
  • Don’t Let Distracting Behaviors Undermine Your Performance
  • Mastering the Q&A
  • When Things Go Bad – How to Fix It


Using the Tools of the Trade

  • The Three Components of a Presentation
  • The Eyes Have It: Graphics and Visual Aids
  • PowerPoint Slides: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Flip Chart Magic
  • Humor, Props, and Showmanship
  • The Most Important Visual Aid – You!


Developing a Compelling Message

  • Who is Your Audience?
  • What is Your Objective?
  • What is Your Message?
  • Your Money Phrase
  • The Critical Balance: Logic, Credibility, and Passion


Structuring a Kickass Presentation

  • Opening to Command Attention
  • Why Should They Care?
  • Organizing Your Content
  • Transitions for a Smooth Flow
  • The Grand Finale: Closing with a Bang
  • It’s All About Timing


It’s Not a Beauty Contest, It’s About Persuasion

  • Priming, Framing, and Other Kickass Persuasion Techniques
  • Winning Minds by Managing Choices
  • The Power of Contrast
  • Persuasion by the Numbers: Using Figures and Statistics


The Poetry of Presentation

  • Poetic Language Techniques
  • Persuasive Words and Jargon
  • Painting Mental Pictures
  • Power Words and the Active Voice



Workshop Objectives:

  • Size up a discriminating business audience
  • Understand your role as a presenter
  • Grab their attention from the first few seconds
  • Build rapport to connect with and engage your audience
  • Develop a clear, compelling, and persuasive message
  • Frame alternatives to get the results you want
  • Structure your presentation to achieve your objective
  • Manage nerves and stage fright to exude confidence and own the room
  • Develop a professional stage presence using your voice, appearance, and nonverbal communication techniques
  • Harness the power of words, pictures, and stories to be more persuasive
  • Master the language techniques of the world’s most electrifying speakers
  • Use humor and props to keep your audience fully engaged
  • Design eye-popping slides, charts, and graphics to clearly convey your message
  • Handle Q&A like a pro and have the last word
  • Use powerful psychological principles to be irresistibly persuasive
  • Be the one they remember!




  • Presentation/discussion
  • Demonstrations
  • Interactive sessions
  • Presentations and critiques
  • Videos




Buffet lunch, tea breaks, workbook, full-color laminated reference guide, and certificate. All participants will also receive a complimentary copy of David Goldwich’s book KICKASS BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS: How to Persuade Your Audience Every Time ($24.90 value).




I really enjoyed the course the other day. Just got our videos back this afternoon. Wow. It’s a real eye opener seeing yourself on film. Definitely some good take aways. — Mark Hanley, Vice President, Airline Leasing & Sales Asia Pacific, BOC Aviation


David is clear in his objectives and explanations. I thoroughly enjoyed his training and found it very useful for my future presentations. – Ramlah Johar, Citibank


It is not like an ordinary presentation skills workshop that focus on contents and framework. It is about overall elements contributing to a successful presentation. It is a good takeaway. – Helena Susanto, Key Account Manager, DB Schenker


Very interesting and helpful. David is a very good trainer and makes us comfortable when presenting, and offers good feedback. — Erika Lee, Marketing, NTUC


Excellent! — Daniel Sng, NTUC Income


It was definitely useful for me. — Cha Shi Jiu, Actuary, NTUC Income


Very relevant concepts, practical. — Goh Kok Yang, NTUC Income


David was memorable and convincing. He reminds us that presenting data is boring, but with stories, audiences are more convinced. – Natalia, Far East Organization


It’s important to recognize that an effective presentation calls for a lot of elements of persuasion. Good to know the tips and tricks. It was refreshing and easy to understand. – Lee Poh Suan, General Manager, Finance, DB Schenker