InstructorSancy Suraj
TypeOnsite Course
DateDec 3, 2016 - Dec 3, 2016
Time1PM - 6PM
PlaceSingapore (TBC)
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Our strength clearly is in the development of customized professional memory power improvement corporate training in Singapore. Whether it is the customization of our core content or the development of new solutions, our proprietary customization process ensures the solution supports your objectives and has greater impact on performance. Pinnacle Minds has played a key leading role in meeting the needs of many organisations within not only Singapore, but the globe. We provide a wide range of well-designed memory improvement corporate training in Singapore that are specially catered for business organisations with different training needs.

Every corporate training courses in Singapore is customized for your organization. Pinnacle Minds is built around this practice with full on-staff design and development teams as well as consultants. Customization of our corporate training workshops in Singapore allows for a consistent methodology to be deployed across audiences while the application is completely relevant to their specific situations and challenging to the learner. It is our point of view that adults learn best through the application of skills, and the fastest and most effective learning occurs when practicing on their real-world scenarios where memory skills are needed.


  1. Prevent yourself from forgetting to carry out tasks at work or home.
  2. Simple strategies to help you remember where you placed your daily objects.
  3. Daily 2-minute brain exercise you can do to drastically improve your memory.
  4. 5 examples of normal memory problems vs. serious memory problems. When should you seek help?
  5. The powerful link between stress, sleep and exercise and memory.
  6. Why trying too hard to use your memory can sometimes be a problem.
  7. When you should use technology and when not to use technology to help you remember
  8. Why do most new mothers complain of having a bad memory and how to reverse that?
  9. The difference between memory improvement techniques and Mind Maps.
  10. Memory improvement games you can play to improve your memory
  11. Learn the most effective way on how to transfer information from short term to long term.
  12. 7 tips for making a good memory great.
  13. Memory training should start at a young age: How to teach memory improvement techniques to your children so that they can smash their exams. Learn the top 5 memory techniques Pinnacle Minds teach students in School!
  14. Questions & Answers.



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