InstructorDaniel Lau
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 18, 2016 - Oct 18, 2016
Time10AM - 6PM
Place1 North Bridge Road, #06-01, Singapore 179094
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Have you wondered how long it takes for someone to form an impression of you?

Just a mere 7 seconds of interaction! Yes just 7 seconds!


So how much can you do in 7 seconds? Wave your hands, walk towards the person, smile and before you can shake his or her hand, the time is already up.

Did you notice in this whole process, you never got the chance to speak a single word? Yes! People have already formed an impression of you, whether you are a pleasant, confident person or an evil, nasty crook, even before you have uttered a single word.

So what are they judging you on? They are judging you based on what they see and what they see is mainly body language. That is why body language is so important in our modern society. Do you think you will get the opportunity to impress if people perceive you as someone who lacks confidence or is unpleasant? Even though you might have all the knowledge and capability, do you think you are sufficiently equipped to win over others?

As a matter of fact, a study shows that about 65% of the human populations are visual learners. Most of us learn through visual means, so much so that we are biologically wired to learn this way. 40% of all the millions of fibres connecting to our brain originate from the retina, our eyes!


Why do people say: “It’s an Eye-Opener!”


While it is literally what it means, the opening of an eye, in body language terms we refer to it as an Eye Flash. An Eye Flash can be observed when we are excited to see someone or are full of positive emotions we just cannot hold back. The brain not only widens the eye, it also dilates the pupil.

Come and embark on a learning journey in this informative course and I assure you that it will be an Eye Opener!



“Hi Daniel, I want to thank you for the body language class yesterday. I haven’t fully mastered everything yet but I was able to notice my prospect was in a closed position… I didn’t present until he became open. And then I manage to close the deal!”

Chua Cirong, Executive Life Planner, Great Eastern

“I learnt how to pick up body gesture that suggests the thoughts and emotion of the person. I learnt how to present myself so another party will feel comfortable.”

Cassandra Jiang, Sales Manager

“Daniel is a very engaging trainer. Always very eager to answer the queries of his participants. He is a very well prepared trainer. I definitely enjoyed the session conducted by him!”

Gwendolyn Tan, Life Planner

“I would like to say a Big Thank you to Daniel for the informative course in Asian context. He also gives a lot of practical examples, which is extremely helpful!”

Tan Chan Haur, Executive Marketing

“Wonderfully Enriching and Excellent presentation. Many thanks to Daniel and Lusi Group!”

Dennis Lam, Executive



You can read

  • someone’s hidden emotions even though he/she might appear happy.
  • a fake smile with a genuine one.
  • if someone is interested in you?

You can predict

  • whether someone is receptive to your ideas.
  • whether someone is ready to take action.
  • whether someone’s response is to your favour or not?

You are able

  • to deal with intimidating people.
  • to tell if the person is really agreeable.
  • to command attention!

You become

  • more confident and more well-liked.
  • more approachable.
  • more dominance when required.
  • someone who is excellent in rapport building.