InstructorDavid Goldwich
TypeOnsite Course
DateMay 19, 2016 - May 19, 2016
Time9:00AM - 5:00PM
PlaceMandarin Orchard Hotel, 333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867
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Workshop Synopsis:

While we all negotiate every day, few people are ever taught how to negotiate. Yet we are increasingly called upon to negotiate with key accounts, strategic partners, customers, and vendors repeatedly over a long period of time. We also negotiate within our own organization, with bosses, colleagues, even subordinates. We need to achieve good results for ourselves while maintaining healthy, long-term relationships with our negotiating partners. In today’s world, a win-win outcome is the only acceptable result.

A successful negotiation begins with preparation: gathering information, identifying interests and currencies, and creating options. It requires a knowledge of critical negotiating concepts – the dance steps. It also requires a sensitivity to the emotional and human aspects of negotiating as well as the skills to create agreements that work for all parties.

This practical and interactive one-day workshop is based on the “principled negotiation” approach developed at Harvard. Facilitated by David Goldwich, a trained lawyer and mediator, this program focuses on preparing for negotiation and provides a framework for negotiating win-win outcomes.


Who should attend:

Managers, supervisors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, financial advisors, purchasing agents, contracts officers, executives, sales and marketing staff, customer service representatives, administrative and technical staff, and anyone whose work requires them to negotiate with and influence others.



Workshop Outline: 

The Negotiating Dance: An Introduction

  •    Understanding negotiation
  •    How do you negotiate?
  •    Keys to a win-win
  •    The negotiation process
  •    Negotiation simulation I


Learning the Steps

  •    The power of anchor points
  •    The Hot Zone
  •    Offers and counteroffers
  •    The Gold Mine: Leveraging currencies
  •    Crafting a Yesable Proposition


Winning Steps

  •    Asking questions
  •    Listening
  •    Persuasiveness
  •    Empathy
  •    Creative thinking
  •    Overcoming impasse
  •    Negotiation simulation II


Getting Ready for the Dance: Your Eight-Step Checklist

  •    Interests vs. positions
  •    Currencies
  •    Options
  •    Plan B
  •    Rationale
  •    Communication
  •    Relationship
  •    Implementation
  •    Negotiation simulation III


Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the elements of the “principled” negotiation approach
  • Use the magic of anchor points to get more every time
  • Leverage currencies to create value out of nothing
  • Know the behaviors of winning negotiators
  • Understand your counterpart to maximize the chances for a win-win outcome
  • Distinguish interests from positions and learn how to uncover hidden interests
  • Develop a powerful Plan B so you cannot lose
  • Learn how to overcome an impasse
  • Use an eight-step template to systematically prepare for any negotiation



  • Presentation and discussion
  • Negotiation simulations
  • Interactive sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • Skit
  • Lateral thinking exercises
  • Videos



Buffet lunch, tea breaks, workbook, full-color laminated reference guide, and certificate. All participants will also receive a free copy of David Goldwich’s book Win-Win Negotiations: Developing the Mindset, Skills, and Behaviours of Win-Win Negotiators ($20 value).



It was very good and fun, interactive. I enjoyed the class. — See Ai Ling, Sr. Quantity Surveyor, Who Hup Pte Ltd


The [negotiation] workshop is really interesting and engaging. I benefited a lot from the workshop. — Sherry Seah, Mapletree Investments


Includes a lot of activities for practice and it has been fun! — Lee Han Chew, Manager, IDA


David is able to use simple and relatable instruction to effectively convey and drive home the essential points. — Alex Hun, Senior Consultant, IDA


David gave a lot of examples which helps me understand better. It’s a great [negotiation] course. I’ve learnt a lot. — Karen Ming, Learning Technologist Manager, NTU


David was very knowledgeable and kept everyone involved throughout the course. Humorous and yet taught us valuable skills. — Iris Rosing, Procurement, Apple


David has a good sense of humour and is very experienced in this area. He is also able to connect and effectively communicate his ideas and concepts. — Joyce Ang, Partner (Lawyer), ATMD Bird & Bird LLP


David is very smart and experienced, good sense of humor, handled the class very well in timing, cheering up the audience. I would like to bring ideas from this program to share with our partners in Vietnam. Lots of fun, no dead time. — Alice, Sales Manager


David’s coaching on negotiation skills has been transformational and beneficial for me. The session has given me an edge to negotiate confidently with our stakeholders to achieve a win-win situation. I wish I could have attended his course earlier. — Angela Chung, Senior Social Worker


David did an excellent job in presenting what can be a complex subject in a very simple and informative way. — Mike, Sales Manager


David’s workshop on Negotiating Skills is an enlightening and very relevant training for professionals and people from all walks of life alike. We need to negotiate and relate to people in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. Hence it is important to be more aware and receptive to the underlying factors and fundamental skills related to negotiating effectively. — Sunita Suri, Occupational Therapist


David knew the methodology well and kept us entertained throughout the course! More vital topics were captured. Loved the session! — Razeena, Customer Service Manager