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Daniel Lau

Body Language Expert
Daniel's Body Language course is very well received not just because of its practicability but also because of its very…
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David Goldwich

The Persuasion Doctor
David Goldwich is a “reformed” lawyer who is committed to helping people get what they want by teaching them how…
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David Kee

Memory Master
A graduate of RMIT University, Australia. David Kee engages his participants and makes learning fun and effective. David has conducted…
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Eileen Seah

Organisational Psychologist
Eileen is an Organisational Psychologist, Motivational Speaker and adjunct lecturer with the Kingston University of London, She has a unique…
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Julian Teng

Bike Architect
Julian in depth practical knowledge in bicycle is well know by his peers of bicycle fanatics! Not only did he…
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Lee Lap Pong

Behavioural Specialist
Lap Pong has more than a decade of experience working in fast moving business environments that require inter-cultural collaboration between…
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Lawrence Poh

Accounting Expert
Mr. Lawrence Poh is a full member of CPA Australia, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and Singapore Institute of…
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Leslie Choudhury

Communication Guru
Leslie Choudhury is the CEO for Leslie Choudhury International and the Director of Directive Communication International. He is a transformer…
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Lusi Lim

Sales Legend
Lusi Lim is winner of the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award) 2012 as well as the only double awards…
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Sancy Suraj

Memory Expert
Founder & Chief Trainer at Pinnacle Minds. • Held World Record for Longest Colour Sequence Memorised. Memorised 160 Colours in…
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Wong Peng Wai

Corporate Trainer
Wong Peng Wai is a management consultant and corporate trainer. He is a certified trainer in critical thinking, a presentation…
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